Endowment Committee

2015 Endowment Committee Minutes

PSA Endowment Committee is a six member committee appointed by the Committee on Committees with the approval of  Council. Members serve three year terms, two members from each region (north, south, central). Terms are staggered – in any one year, two members end their terms and two begin their terms. The purpose of this committee , working with the Executive Officers, is to raise funds for the PSA Endowment Fund.

The Endowment Fund

Donations and Bequests to the PSA Endowment Fund will be used for a variety of purposes, pending approval by a majority vote of the Council. These purposes could include, for example, operating expenses, maintenance and improvement of its publications, one-time special projects, scholarships for students, visiting scholars to the annual meetings, monetary gifts to the Association’s annual award winners, dissertation research awards, minority scholarships, and any other activities approved by the Council which enhance the Association, its membership, and the profession in the Western Region.

Since the PSA is a tax exempt organization under Federal Tax Law, section 501 (C) (3), all contributions to the Endowment Fund are tax deductible. The Executive Office will send a receipt for tax purposes to donors. All donors who contributed in the previous calendar year will be recognized by name in the May issue of the PSA Newsletter.

As donations come in, they will be invested in interest accounts and/or other types of income accounts managed by the Executive Director of the Association with the approval of PSA Council. Interest and income will be reinvested in the Endowment Fund.

No money can be expended from the Fund until it reaches at least $50,000; that is, all money would be reinvested into the capital of the Fund until it reaches that amount.

Once the Endowment Fund reaches $50,000, PSA Council will determine whether to appoint a permanent Committee or to use an existing PSA Committee or to create a different structure to recommend use of the interest income from the fund and to raise income for the fund. All expenditures from the Fund would have to be approved by 2/3 vote of the PSA Council. There would be no mandatory expenditure each year from the Fund.

Possible Sources of Donations

  • An Endowment Fund check-off for donations on the annual dues notice.
  • The publication of procedures in at least one issue annually of the PSA Newsletter for making bequests to the Association.
  • Occasional sales of items for endowment fund raising, such as tote bags, mugs, books, etc.
  • Endowment fund raisers, such as annual dinners, special tours or events during the annual meetings, etc.
  • Solicitation of funds from authors in the western region who have successful text book royalties
  • Surplus PSA operating funds

Every year Council will determine how much surplus money which is generated by all PSA income – from dues, registration fees, publisher’s display fees, the publication of Sociological Perspectives , etc.- will be transferred to the Endowment Fund.

Surplus income means income over expenses for any calendar year or an accumulated amount over several years.

  1. Procedures for taking committee action.  Committee action is taken following a majority vote of the committee members. This is done either at the annual meeting or by mail or email at the request of the chair.
  2. Specific duties of the chair.  The chair must develop the agenda for the year’s activities and must convene the annual meeting of the committee. The chair is responsible for keeping the lines of communication open between and among members, for working with the Executive Director on fund raising for the Endowment, for organizing and conducting meetings, for keeping track of pertinent member activities, for writing the annual report, for keeping a committee archive and passing it on to the next chair, and for providing leadership.
  3. Calendar of activities.
    • By November 1: Chair develops agenda for ideas for fund raising. Input from committee members is encourage and has been discussed with committee members at the previous PSA meeting or via phone, email, or mail.
    • November-February: Chair and the members of the Committee along with the Executive Director develop and implement ideas for fundraising either before, during, or after the Annual Meeting
    • At Meeting: Conduct and oversee fundraising activities at the annual meeting. Meet as a committee. Select someone to take minutes. Select/elect next committee chair. Discuss agenda items, including ideas for fundraising for next year’s PSA meeting. Pass action items, if any, on to PSA Council. Solicit recommendations for prospective committee members; these are then passed on to the chair of the Committee on Committees.
    • After Meeting: Chair writes report of committee activities for publication in May Newsletter. Due date for the report is May 1. The report highlights activities the members have participated in throughout the year.

2016-17 Committee Members
Sandra Way (18) New Mexico State University, Chair
Linda Henderson (18) St Mary’s College, Calgary,  Vice Chair 2016-17, Chair 2017-18
Tina Burdsall (18) Portland State University
Karen Seccombe (18) Portland State University
to begin service in 2017:
Amanda Shigihara (19) SUNY College at Old Westbury
Stephanie Anckle (19) Claremont Graduate University

2015-16 Committee Members

Sandra Way (16) New Mexico State University,  Chair
Rosemary Powers (16) Eastern Oregon University
Sunil Kukreja (16) University of Puget Sound
Brenda Wilhelm (16) Colorado Mesa University
Dean Dorn

2014-15 Committee Members

Dean Dorn, Chair
Gordon Clanton (15) San Diego State University (Southern)
Kathleen Kaiser (16) California State University, Chico (Central)
Sunil Kukreja (17) University of Puget Sound (Northern)
Rosemary Powers (17) Eastern Oregon University (Northern)
Brenda Wilhelm (17) Colorado Mesa University (Central)
Sandra Way (17) New Mexico State University (Southern)