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Distinguished Scholarship Award: Ranita Ray, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Book: The Making of a Teenage Service Class: Poverty and Mobility in an American City (UC Press, 2017)

Early Career Award for Innovation in Teaching Sociology: Dilshani Sarathchandra, University of Idaho

Dean S. Dorn Distinguished Contributions to Teaching AwardVikas Gumbhir, Gonzaga University

Distinguished Contribution to Sociological Praxis AwardAlice Gates, University of Portland

Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Award: Sarah Ahmed, University of Oregon
“Women Left Behind: Migration, Agency, and the Pakistani Woman”

Distinguished Contribution to Sociological Perspectives Award: Ester Carolina Apesoa-Varano, University of California, Davis “From Shame to Dignity: Elderly Women, Depression, and the Feminine Self” (Volume 62, Issue 2)

Social Conscience Award: One Oregon Coalition, Eugene, Oregon
The PSA Social Conscience Committee selected the One Oregon Coalition


Distinguished Scholarship Award: Abigail Leslie Andrews, University of California, San Diego 
Book: Undocumented Politics: Place, Gender, and the Pathways of Mexican Migrants (UC Press, 2018)

Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Award: Caleb Scoville, University of California, Berkeley
“Constructing Environmental Compliance: Law, Science, and the Morality of Endangered Species Conservation in California’s Delta”

Early Career Award for Innovation in Teaching Sociology: Celeste Atkins, Cochise College

Distinguished Contribution to Sociological Perspectives Award: Caitlin Patler, University of California, Davis
“To Reveal or Conceal: How Diverse Undocumented Youth Navigate Legal Status Disclosure” Volume 61:6 (December 2018)

Distinguished Contribution to Sociological Praxis Award: Leontina Hormel, University of Idaho

Social Conscience Award: Boost! West Oakland


Distinguished Undergraduate Student Paper Award:  Viraji Weeraseena, University of California, Riverside  
“The Structural Sources of Violent Crimes in Post-Civil War Sri Lanka”

Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Award:  Armand Rene Gutierrez, University of California San Diego  
“The Determinants of Remittances among the Children of Mexican- and Filipino-American Migrants”

Social Conscience Award: Khmer Girls in Action, of Long Beach, California

Early Career Award for Innovation in Teaching Sociology:   Aya Kimura Ida, California State University Sacramento

Distinguished Scholarship Award:  Jennifer Reich, University of Colorado Denver
Book: Calling the Shots: Why Parents Reject Vaccines (New York University Press, 2016)

Distinguished Contribution to Sociological Perspectives Award: Kevin Estep “Constructing a Language Problem: Status-based Power Devaluation and the Threat of Immigrant Inclusion”  Volume 60:3 (June 2017)

Honorable Mention:  Hui Liu, Corinne Reczek, Samuel C.H. Mindes, and Shannon Shen
“The Health Disparities of Same-sex Cohabitors at the Intersection of Race-ethnicity and Gender”  Volume 60:3 (June 2017)


Distinguished Undergraduate Student Paper Award:  Allison Nasson (University of Puget Sound)
“Donor Friendly Victimhood: Narrative Construction as a Fundraising Strategy”

Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Award:  Hyunsu Oh (University of California Merced)
“Immigration Pathway and Life Satisfaction: The Case of Female Marriage Migrants in
Contemporary South Korea”

Distinguished Contribution to Sociological Praxis Award Dr. Susan Peterson (Clark County School District)

Social Conscience Award:  Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc., Portland, Oregon

Early Career Innovation in Teaching Sociology Award:    Dr. Meredith Williams (Humboldt State University)

Distinguished Scholarship Award:   Dr. Jennifer Utrata (University of Puget Sound)
Book: Women Without Men: Single Mothers and Family Change in the New Russia  (2015, Cornell University Press


Distinguished Scholarship Award: Michael Messner (University of Southern California), Max Greenberg (University of Southern California), and Tal Peretz (Auburn University)
Book: Some Men: Feminist Allies and the Movement to End Violence Against Women (2015, Oxford University Press)

Early Career Award for Innovation in Teaching SociologyLuis Sanchez (California State University Channel Islands)

Distinguished Contribution to Sociological Praxis Award: Michelle Inderbitzin (Oregon State University)

Distinguished Contribution to Sociological Perspectives Award: Erin Cech (Rice University)
Paper: “Engineers or Engineeresses? Self-conceptions and the Development of Gendered Professional Identities”  58(1):56-77    Spring 2015

Distinguished Undergraduate Student Paper Award: Danya Axelrad-Hausman (University of Puget Sound)
Paper: “Seeking Justice: Examining Identity Formation Within the Enivironmental Justice Movement”

Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Award: Jo Mhairi Hale (University of California Davis)
Paper: “Impact of the Great Depression and Cumulative Inequality on Cognitive Decline”

Social Conscience Award:  Women’s Economic Agenda Project, Oakland, CA


2015 Distinguished Scholarship Award: Paul AlmeidaMobilizing Democracy: Globalization and Citizen Protest
              Honorable mention: Randol ContrerasThe Stickup Kids: Race, Drugs, Violence, and the American Dream

The 2015 Dean S. Dorn Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award: Karen Pyke, University of California Riverside

The 2015 Distinguished Contribution to Sociological Praxis Award: Valerie Francisco, University of Portland

The 2015 Distinguished Contribution to Sociological Perspectives Award: Jan E. Stets and Peter J. Burke, “Self-Esteem and Identities,” Vol. 57(4):409-433.
                 Honorable mention: Valerie Jenness, “Pesticides, Prisoners, and Policy: Complexity and Praxis in Research on Transgender Prisoners and Beyond,” Vol. 57(1):6-26.

The 2015 Distinguished Undergraduate Student Paper Award: Jesus Perez, “Latina/o Self-Identified Students at HSU: Beyond Their Freshmen Year”‚Äč

The 2015 Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Award: Hasan Mahmud, “Social Determinants of Remitting Practices Among Bangladeshi Migrants in Japan”

Social Conscience Award: Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and a Healthy Community

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