Emeritus and Retired Sociologists Committee

Emeritus and Retired Sociologists Committee Meeting Minutes 2015

The PSA Emeritus and Retired Sociologists Committee shall be comprised of six retired faculty members of the PSA who will work to further integrate all emeriti and retired faculty in to the organization. The charge of the committee shall be to provide a shared intellectual and social community where retirees may continue their engagement with teaching and scholarly activities. The committee shall engage in the organization of activities at the annual meeting for retired faculty including, but not limited to, a social reception, organization of sessions and seminars that reflect individual interests and expertise, presentation of informal talks and lectures, presentation of an annual Distinguished Lecture, initiation of special projects for the organization (such as a Living History Project of videotaped interviews), raising money for the Endowment Fund, contributing to the professional development of current PSA members through mentoring activity, and conducting workshops on issues relevant to faculty who are already retired or planning for their retirement.

Members of the Emeritus and Retired Sociologists Committee shall be appointed by the Committee on Committees.  There shall be six members on this committee, two from each region of the PSA (northern, central and southern) and they shall serve for a term of three years.

[Note:  This committee just transitioned from Ad Hoc to Standing; its description will be revised soon.]

2016-17 Members
Dean Dorn (18) CSU Sacramento, Chair
Bob Obrien (18) University of Oregon
Gary Cretser (17) CSU Pomona
Charles Hohm (17) San Diego State University
to begin service in 2017: 
Gary Cretser (19) CSU Pomona
Tony Cortese (19) Southern Methodist University

2015-16 Members

Sharon Araji (15–extended to 16) University of Colorado Denver, Chair
Fumiko Hosokawa (16) CSU Dominguez Hills
Earl Babbie (15–extended to 16) Chapman University
Gary Cretser (17) CSU Pomona
Charles Hohm (17) San Diego State University

2014-15 Members

Earl Babbie  Chapman University, Chair
Sharon Araji University of Colorado Denver
Fumiko Hosokawa  California State University Dominguez Hills
Len Gordon  Arizona State University
Gary Cretser  CSU Pomona
Charles Hohm  San Diego State University
Don Barrett  CSU San Marcos