Committee on Community Colleges

PSA 2015 Committee on Community Colleges Report

The Committee on Community Colleges shall concern itself with matters that relate to the participation of community college faculty in the association and the discipline, such as planning activities for community college faculty at the annual meeting and monitoring their participation. This committee shall consist of six members from the association, from among whom the chair shall be appointed by the Committee on Committees with the approval of Council. The term of office for each committee member shall be three years; each year two members start, one from each Divsion, and two members end their term of office. While members of the Committee may recommend prospective members to the Committee on Committees, they do not select their own members. They do, however, elect the committee’s chair. The chair of the Committee is elected by the committee members from among their ranks and must be someone who will be a continuing and active member of the committee for at least one year. The chair is elected at the scheduled meeting of the committee and serves for one year. The chair can be reelected if continuing as a member of the committee.

  1. Procedures for taking action.
    • The chair is responsible for contacting committee members whenever committee action is required. Members of the committee are encouraged to contact the chair with ideas, issues, and any other items that should be brought to the attention of the entire committee.
    • The chair of the committee should be elected from among those members who will continue service on the committee. Meeting with and communicating with committee members at the annual PSA meeting helps forge a bond between members and facilitates interaction and sharing of committee responsibilities.
    • A considerable amount of time should be spent on deciding what sessions the committee would like to sponsor at the following year’s PSA meeting. These decisions need to be made at the committee’s annual meeting in order to meet the deadline for submitting the Session Proposal Forms, which is usually May 1. For this reason, all committee members should be encouraged to attend the annual committee meeting and to agree to organize a session for inclusion in the following year’s program.
  2. Specific duties of the chair of the committee.
    • Most of the chair’s activities (and time) involve organizing sessions for the annual meeting. The chair may do this directly, may assist other session organizers, or may solicit session organizers from among the committee members and members of the Association. The chair is also responsible for keeping the committee’s file folder or archive and passing it on to the chair-designate.
  3. Calendar of committee activities.
    • February/March: Develop an agenda for up-coming meeting of the committee at the PSA annual meeting and distribute it to all committee members at least two weeks before the meeting.
    • At the annual meeting: Conduct committee meeting. Pass on action items, if any. Select a committee chair for the following year. Meet new committee members. Discuss proposals for sessions at next year’s PSA meeting.
    • By May 1: Write the annual report, including a summary of the year’s activities, and submit it to the PSA Secretary for publication in the Association’s online Newsletter. Submit Session Proposal Forms developed by committee members to the next year’s Program Committee Chair. Session Proposal forms are available from the PSA Office, online, and also should be available at the registration table at the annual meeting.

2016-17 Committee Members
Elizabeth Bennett (17) Central New Mexico Community College
Jackie Logg (17) Foothill College and Cabrillo College
Daniel Poole (17) Salt Lake Community College
Celene Fuller (18) College of the Canyons
Harry Mersmann (18) San Joaquin Delta College
To begin service at the 2017 conference:
Ami Mezahav (19) Flathead Valley Community College
Sneha Dutta (19) CSU Stanislaus

2015-16 Committee Members

Marie Butler (16) Oxnard Community College, Chair
April Cubbage (16) Saddle Back College
Elizabeth Bennett (17) Central New Mexico Community College
Jackie Logg (17) Foothill College and Cabrillo College
Daniel Poole (17) Salt Lake Community College

2014-15 Committee Members

Vivian Varela  Mendocino (Central) Chair
Curtis Phillips  Walla Walla Community College (Northern)
Kellie J. Hagewen  College of Southern Nevada (Central)
Debjani Chakrabarti  Columbia Basin College (Northern)
April Cubbage   Saddleback College (Southern)
Marie Butler  Oxnard Community College (Southern)