Membership Committee

The Membership Committee assists the Officers of the Association in recruitment and maintenance of membership in the Association and advises the Officers in interpretation of provisions in the Constitution and By-laws dealing with membership.

The Membership Committee consists of six members of the association appointed for a three year term. Each year two members end and two members begin their term. Membership of the committee is recommended to Council by the Committee on Committees and appointments are made by the President and/or Council. While members of the Membership Committee may recommend prospective members to the Committee on Committees, they do not select their own committee members. They do, however, elect the committee’s chair who should be someone who will be a continuing and active member of the committee. The Chair serves for one year, but can be reelected.

  • Procedures for taking committee action. Committee action is taken following a majority vote of the committeemembers. This is done either at the annual meeting or by email at the request of the Chair.
  • Specific duties of the Chair.  The Chair must develop the agenda for the year’s activities and must convene the annual meeting of the committee. The chair is responsible for keeping the lines of communication open between and among members, organizing and conducting meetings,  keeping track of pertinent member activities, writing the annual report, keeping a committee archive and passing it on to the next Chair, and providing leadership. The Chair of the Membership Committee works closely with the Executive Director, Secretary, and Treasurer regarding initiatives for increasing and maintaining membership.
  • Calendar of activities.
    • by December or earlier: Chair develops agenda for the March/April PSA meeting.
    • Input from committee members is encouraged and has been discussed with committee members at the previous PSA meeting or via email.
    • at annual meeting: Meet as a committee. Select someone to take minutes. Select/elect next committee chair. Discuss agenda items, which mostly involve ideas and procedures for increasing and/or maintaining membership in the PSA. Pass action items, if any, on to PSA Council. Solicit recommendations for prospective committee members; forward to the chair of the Committee on Committees.
    • after annual meeting: Chair writes report of committee activities and submits to Secretary by May 1. The report highlights activities the members have participated in throughout the year which relate to the Membership Committee. Chair passes archive on to the next Chair.

The year following each name indicates the Annual Meeting at which that member completes their service. For example,those who have a (16) following their names complete their service at the end of the 2016 conference in Oakland.

2016-17 Membership Committee
Melanie Arthur (17) University of Alaska Fairbanks
Kassia Wosick (17) New Mexico State University, Co-Chair
Martin Orr (18) Boise State University, Co-Chair
Keith Farrington (18) Whitman College
to begin service in 2017:
Lisa Jones (19) University of the Pacific
Celeste Atkins (19) Cochise College

2015-16 Membership Committee

Linda Kim (16) Arizona State University
Jeffrey Montez de Oca (16)  University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Maria Sarita Gaytan (16) University of Utah
Melanie Arthur (17) University of Alaska Fairbanks
Kassia Wosick (17) New Mexico State University

2014-15 Membership Committee

Pat Hoffman  New Mexico State University (Southern) Chair
Linda Henderson  St. Mary’s College-Alberta (Northern)
Chris Hardnack  University of Oregon (Northern, Student)
Linda Kim  Arizona State University Phoenix (Southern)
Jeffrey Montez de Oca  University of Colorado Colorado Springs (Central)
Maria Sarita Gaytan  University of Utah (Central)