Sociological Perspectives and The Pacific Sociologist

Journal: Sociological Perspectives

The PSA scholarly journal, Sociological Perspectives, is published six times yearly in February, April, June, August, October, and December.  PSA members receive print copies of Sociological Perspectives in the mail during their membership year (if a physical address is provided through the PSA membership portal), as well as online access to all issues.  Members can access the journal online through the member login.

Established in 1957 and published for the Pacific Sociological Association, Sociological Perspectives offers a wealth of pertinent articles spanning the breadth of sociological inquiry. In the pages of Sociological Perspectives, contributions by leading scholars typically address the ever-expanding body of knowledge about social processes related to economic, political, anthropological and historical issues.

The journal’s purpose is to advance research, theory, scholarship, and practice within sociology and related disciplines. Preference is given to articles that are of general interest to members of the discipline and that, as a result, advance the accumulation of knowledge about social processes.

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Co-Editors of Sociological Perspectives for January, 2020 through December, 2022 are Black Hawk Hancock, DePaul University, and Bryan Sykes, UC Irvine, with Managing Editors Bradley Bartos and Matthew Renner, UC Irvine. They can be reached at . The new editorial team will be reviewing all newly received manuscripts beginning August 1, 2019.

Information on recent issues of the journal here, and information on prior editors here.

Submission Procedures for the PSA journal, Sociological Perspectives, published by SAGE.

  1. Visit the SAGE Publications website to learn more about the submission process.
  2. All manuscripts must be submitted electronically through Scholar One Manuscripts.
  3. Payment of the $20 manuscript submission fee is made on the same site as manuscript submissions.

PSA Newsletter–The Pacific Sociologist

The PSA Newsletter, The Pacific Sociologist, is published three times per year, approximately in January (Winter), May/June (Spring/Summer), and September (Fall(.  Members receive this newsletter via email.  The Newsletter publishes information on the functions of the PSA, the annual meeting, the call for papers, officers, and elections, as well as other items.

Members are encouraged to send items to for possible inclusion, such as employment opportunities, new books published and awards received, or information on aligned academic/sociological associations, calls for papers, and other opportunities of interest to PSA members.

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