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PSA Policy Against Harassment and Discrimination

Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy

PSA Mission Statement Update, October 2020

Over the summer, members of the PSA Council (Board of Directors) collaborated to revise the PSA mission statement. The mission statement is important because it describes why PSA exists, and guides decision-making around what PSA does. The concern was to

PSA Demand for Racial Justice and Equity

The Pacific Sociological Association condemns racism, anti-Blackness, and white supremacy and its vestigial appendage, police brutality. We support the Black Lives Matter movement. As practitioners of a discipline that studies individuals in society and social institutions, we recognize and acknowledge

Advertising in the PSA printed program or e-newsletter

Advertising rates for PSA program or Newsletter 1/8 page      $65        choose either horizontal (4” wide x 2” high) or vertical (2” wide x 5” high) 1/4 page      $125      4” wide x 5” high 1/2 page      $250      horizontal only, 8” wide

PSA Statement Reaffirming Democratic Ideals—Passed by Council April 9, 2017

As sociologists, we share a commitment to the common good.  Across the nation, many of us have been deeply affected by blatant and subtle expressions of prejudice and discrimination. As such, the PSA members offer the following reaffirmation of our