Category: Committees

Committee on the Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities

The Committee on the Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities shall encourage the participation of racial and ethnic minorities in the discipline and in the affairs of the Association, and may report its finding and recommendations for enhancing such participation

Committee on Teaching

The Committee on Teaching shall concern itself with issues relating to the teaching of sociology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, including teaching theory and methods, curriculum program development, and other professional concerns related to teaching sociology. The Committee

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee administers procedures and arrangements for bestowal of awards by the Association. The Awards Committee establishes and maintains its own procedures and criteria for the bestowal of each of the various awards under its jurisdiction. The Awards Committee

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee assists the Officers of the Association in recruitment and maintenance of membership in the Association and advises the Officers about membership. The Membership Committee consists of six members of the association appointed for a three conference/two year

Committee on Committees

The Committee on Committees (COC) consists of nine members elected for a three year term by the entire membership of the Association, and the Past Vice President of the PSA who serves as chair and ex officio member. Each year,

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee consists of the Editor(s) of Sociological Perspectives (ex officio), the Editor of The Pacific Sociologist (ex officio) and six members elected at large by the entire voting membership of the Association for a three conference/two year term

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is one of the three elected committees serving the Association. The Nominations Committee nominates candidates for membership on the three elected committees of the Association: The Publications Committee, the Committee on Committees, and the Nominations Committee, and