CFP: Society for the Study of Human Development conference series (by Sept. 15, 2021)

Society for the Study of Human Development (SSHD) Conference Series News!

Topic: Macrosystem Challenges to Lifespan Human Development

Submissions: September 15 deadline (presentation dates: Nov 2, Feb 8, Apr 5, June 14)

Format: Online events, distributed across 4 seasons

Key Foci: Invited Keynote Speakers will address:

  • Conceptualizing Macrosystems (Nov 1) 
  • Community Macrosystems (Feb 7)
  • Attitudinal Macrosystems (Apr 4)
  • Existential Challenges to the Macrosystem (June 13)

Highlights of the full conference–including names of invited keynote speakers–are here:

Submission deadline is September 15 (for posters, papers, or symposia); process is explained here:

Details about Keynote Topics & Speakers are here:

Details of conference theme are here:

All events are free for SSHD members! Information about joining or other routes to conference access are here: