CFP: Papers on racial and social justice for the Proceedings of the Nationcal Academy of Sciences

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2021 Call For Papers: Racial and Social Justice

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is currently seeking research papers and perspectives in:

  • Racialization: formation of racial categories, colorism within and across racial–ethnic groups
  • Inequality: racial inequalities in the criminal justice system, educational inequalities by race and ethnicity, racial wealth gap, racial discrimination in hiring, challenges to voting rights and voter suppression based on race
  • Health and wellbeing: effect of neighborhood on racial differentials in health, effect of climate change on exposure to health risks facing people of color, gene–environment interactions and racial disparities in health, how legal status affects wellbeing of first- and second-generation immigrants
  • Methodology: methods to measure and assess bias and discrimination

September 30, 2021 is the final day to submit a paper for consideration.

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Racial and Social Justice at PNAS

Founded in 1914, PNAS publishes some of the world’s highest-impact social justice and racial inequality research. Every paper in these domains at PNAS is edited by a member of the National Academy of Sciences, a nonprofit organization comprising nearly 2,400 active members and 500 international members, of whom more than 200 are Nobel laureates.

PNAS makes research on social justice and racial inequality accessible to a broad scientific audience through the dedicated PNAS Racial and Social Justice collection, curated Special Features, media press releases, podcast interviews, and newsletter and social media promotion, as well as indexing in all major discovery tools. PNAS also often waives standard publication fees for all recruited papers.

Dr. Zan M. Dodson, PNAS Recruiting Editor, will be your point of contact throughout the submission and peer review process. If you would prefer to contact him directly, you can reach him at