Call for Proposals: Advances in Gender Research 32– Advances in Trans Studies

Call for Proposals: Advances in Gender Research 32

Advances in Trans Studies

 Guest Edited by: Austin H. Johnson, Baker A. Rogers, and Tiffany Taylor

 Submission of Abstract for Consideration by October 1, 2020

Completed Draft due by January 15, 2020

Publication Date: Fall 2021

This call is for chapter proposals for an edited volume focusing on trans studies. We take a broad approach and welcome a range of chapters that may relate to this topic. We are interested in work that takes seriously the intersections of sexualities, race, class, nationality, citizenship, and more, with trans studies.

Abstracts must be at least 500 words and include details about the research question, theory, methods, and any findings. Early drafts of chapters are also acceptable and encouraged. We have a broad conceptualization of trans studies, but specific topics of interest include: trans people’s interactions with various social institutions, including but not limited to, healthcare and medicalization, the criminal justice system, the family, religion, and education; nonbinary gender identities and expressions; and the state of the field and future of trans studies.

Chapters that use an intersectional approach and those that have stated implications for policy and advocacy are especially welcome. We strongly encourage trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse scholars to submit. We also invite submissions from graduate students and early career faculty. We welcome abstracts from all countries and regions, but chapters must be in English and all work must be submitted as a Word document. Both qualitative and quantitative abstracts are welcome. The editors will base their decision to publish submitters’ chapters on review by the AGR editorial board. Submitters will be informed of the editors’ decision by November 15. Abstracts, drafts of a chapter, and inquiries should be sent to